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Claiming Your Breakthrough

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Hours are spent in places we don’t want to be while we work on getting better. It is not always a mental thing. Not always a physical thing. At times it is just a thing. If you haven’t been there, God bless you: Going from the awfuls of suffering, the feeling of breaking through and finally seeing light, when reality kicks in and you see the truth and hear the call you’ve been waiting to hear; an understanding that will forever stay with whatever you grow into. Hereafter comes the breakthrough when you are finally able to see clearly; no frowns, forgiving remembrances, and the ability to know, that you only needed to know, that you are going to be ok. But then, you realize, how beautiful your life and the people used to touch your life have been – after you realize your past is a powerful testimony to your present and your future. The fuel you will need to overcome what life will throw at you and the generations that may come from you.

The life we live now was never going to be easy with sin as the precursor. You understand that once you are shown what sin is. Life is meant to be overcome. Jesus showed us this by the way he lived his life; having the power to call down angels or fire from heaven, yet refusing to do that because he wanted even the worst of his enemies to have a chance to benefit from God’s promise to mankind.

Forgiveness is the most beautiful breakthrough you can have in life. Forgiveness of yourself and every sordid demon life gave you to try to dim your smile. Don’t worry about the sins or how they look on paper. Let those who will judge, judge; allow the beauty of your new state of being to take over. You become free, live free.

Truthfully, I look in the mirror everyday, like, look at me. I think I have had an ugly life and I don’t know if nobody likes me. All I know is that as soon as I called, God answered me, showed me indisputable Truths I’d spent my whole life looking for, truths that allow me to snicker when I realize how dumb I was for trying to flex power. And all I had to do was call. Ask. Spent restless nights worried about sin and lies and, how people saw me. Breakthrough says, all along, God stayed in the same place calling.

When you can smile inside while the world shakes, because you know what’s coming and you know God is holding you; that’s when you realize you’ve had an amazing breakthrough. Nothing and no one can take that from you. The light that comes from who you are is going to change all the things you thought you knew and may encourage someone. Anyone you lose by deciding to shine, meh, good riddance.

And, yes, when you tell the truth, lots and loots of people will automatically assume it’s about them. As a reflex you may become a meme or something. Just add a smiley face and enjoy your new life and your breakthrough. Give thanks to God often, because in your darkest hour, God, one day, you will discover, is He who lit you.

But, you can’t have a breakthrough if you let fear keep you from looking outside. We the people made the inside to keep out the light. God made outside so everything could come to light. Look out and breath and laugh, at your past, with your past. That way, it knows, “I see you today as an obstacle for the last. Now, I’m about to stomp through memory lane with my blessing and talents on full blast”. Go head and enjoy that breakthrough so the world can see the full view of who God made in you.

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