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Enoch walked with God so closely that the Lord did not allow him to die, he took him away. Noah and then Abraham showed the way by believing God and their belief was credited to them as righteousness. So that we know when we accept Jesus Christ we are given righteousness because we believe the word of a God that cannot lie. And the words of Isaiah chapter 64:6 reminds us that our righteousness is like filthy rags. And we know Jesus walked this earth without sin although he was plagued by the same temptations we face day after day. And the righteousness of Jehovah Shaddai surrounds us day by day.

When I think of the wonderful promises of God, to protect us, to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future even after our failings and falling away, I am also reminded that He said to Zerubabel, a saying that is for all generations “not by might or by strength, but by my Spirit” by the word of the Lord from the prophet Zechariah chapter 4 verse 6; a reminder that even here, we are to live, to learn, to do by the Holy Spirit given to us in Christ.

People looking to shake addiction go through program upon program only to relapse instead of turn to the Lord and be free from the root cause. We struggle with lust instead of turning it over to Jesus and getting in its place a pure heart you can thank him for in the morning and in the evening. We struggle trying to find God instead of saying Lord, I want to know God, to learn that God has been calling our names all along, waiting for us to hear him.

We are living in an age of endless teachers, endless sources of knowledge, tons of ways to find the type of entertainment that suits you. But faithful and true, the Lord is still doing his work calling those who will listen through nature, through our work, through regular people who share the word to remind the world that Jesus is savior before it’s too late. We cannot earn our way into heaven by doing good. Jesus is the only way. We turn to Christ Jesus and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives. “God will not withhold any good thing to them that walk uprightly” according to the word of Psalm chapter 84 verse 11. Walking upright is believing in Jesus and asking him to change what ails you. Don’t fall into the trap of believing your good acts will save you. Instead count on the goodness of Jesus. Believe in his name and submit everything to him in prayer and ask him to redeem you. You are not alone.

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Lord God of heaven and earth. Have mercy upon me. I repent of the things I am guilty of. You know them all because everything I have ever done has been done in your sight. But I hear your Son Jesus takes away sins. Blot out mine and redeem me. I ask in Jesus’ name.

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