Bright Futures

We walk the trail of broken, attempts, failures, triumphs, healing, and perseverance to get to the futures we want. It is a dark and pained pathway paved with the tears and joys of memories that could keep us walking forever if we let them. But the trip to our bright futures, no matter how terrible, is worth it.

A bright future isn’t made by magic unless you have tricks up your sleeve. Any tricks you use to get there may make the light quick fleeting, deceptive and resurgent pain so no tricks, just the work it takes to keep walking till you get there.

A bright future requires you trodding that dark path right up to the front gate and possibly kicking it in. More important, a bright future requires you to remove the parts of you that will keep the lights from burning bright once you get there. It is always constant work. It is always constant adaptation.

In order to keep the fire of a bright future burning, one must constantly change in order to present only the best possible effort. It won’t always be smooth sailing and sure, you may screw up a few times just like when you started walking to it, but futures change just like the past.

Change is necessary in order to fit the pieces that will belong into the places that they will belong.

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