black on black crime in perspective

Black-on-Black Crime In Perspective

This is an opinion … if you ignore the facts. It is not intended to be an excuse or anything like it. Yes. More to it.

Why is it when there is a glaring display of racism and inequality, the argument by whites turn to law and order and wealthy whites start talking about profits, when our action is showing that there is no law or order without equal access to justice, and we don’t get to see the profits of our own labor? And the argument often drifts to black-on-black crime to deflect. So read up…

Racism is actively taught in white homes, the education system, board rooms, higher education, and guess what that leads to?

Racism and the criminal element of societies being planned out in board meetings, legal education and briefings, they’re planned out in zoning board meetings, they’re planned out in BOA (board of education) meetings, they are planned out in housing authority meetings. And, they are educated into the minds of young children in the homes of white people, by virtue, non-white children who will have to defend themselves from the onslaught of the education. You may disagree until you inspect the argument and the glaring evidence, written into your own books and budgeting and guidance meetings and schedules, by your own hands. And for some; the evidence is recalling the discussions you’ve had with either of your parents, their initial reactions to your “non-white” friends, or the comments you still secretly cringe about now that you are old enough to know better. You may even say some of these things without thinking about it.

We “colored” folk discover it when we go for job interviews or are pulled over by “well trained” police officers, who see us as guilty before finding any evidence because we “look like”… We see it when we walk into stores and don’t hold both hands up with money in plain sight. In school. In the corporate offices of America.

So, for anyone who jumps into black-on-black violence argument without thinking. You are simply victim-shaming so you don’t have to stop your evil acts of systemic racism and race baiting because you know the pain we feel, hearing about what we see in the severely underfunded neighborhoods most of us have to fight our way out of. And for those who will point to laws and handbooks on civil rights gains – it’s well known that there are unwritten “white-wash” rules and all of it documented in various biographies.

As for the Flag – We’ve already said we don’t have a problem with the American Flag. Anyone who says we do is evil. There is no other way to say that.

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