Better Practices for Modern Day Leadership

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Wisdom teaches a leader to understand from the onset of their embarking that their community will only be as strong as they empower its members to be. Wisdom counsels that like a kingdom; if you oppress the community of people you lead they will be used to oppression and be brittle while some will be defensively-abrasive. If you empower each member of your community to act by sharing with other members what they desire and go about doing it within the concept of your leadership style, then you will lead an empowered people who act as an extension of the leader’s style who are empowered to lead.

Wisdom also teaches, and a wise leader accepts that they are in fact the servants of the community of people under their tutelage; perhaps the hardest lesson of leadership are the pins and needles of pride, ego, and prejudice. A wise leader however embraces this and begins from a point of service to the community instead of managing it, empowering each member to act as leaders who come to them when things are out of control without wasting time; to having a timely reporting schedule of projects, efforts, and progress; accountability builds trust and affords the leader the ability to stay informed and offer suggestions or step in as needed to correct the members of the community. Empowering leadership, that is accountable, determines the direction and strength of the community and its sustainability.

A wise leader seeks the wisdom of God for everything. Seeks to instill the character they finds in God in the people they lead. And to the best of their abilities, a leader will first embed the character they find when God reveals Himself to them so that their members know that is how serious they are about the God who leads them. A leader who seeks God until He is found knows that God prefers the victory of the heart and wants them to share this. From this, leaders will act in wisdom, in compassion, in truth, and in unison with each member of the community because they know each member is a leader in their own smaller communities. Your families. Your congregations. Your nations.

This is what David, the ancient King of Israel knew and why he was successful throughout his reign. The members of his leadership counsel were no more important to him than the lowest member of his kingdom. Each had a purpose. And in his time, if he had to do the work of a servant it was not beneath him, therefore his kingdom lasted beyond its time in history. It was secure because he went to God and God secured him, shared wisdom with him and corrected him when needed; a delight of a wise leader is the correcting rod of God, because he knows that no counsel God gives will come too flowery or hint of lie. The people of David’s kingdom freely spoke as they were empowered and got justice and truth in return. A leader knows that God loves truth and justice and humility above all. Mercy always before chastisement.

Therefore equity is an essential part of leadership. Whatever the custom of the time and the growth of the community, is where the leader should bend, leading according to the truth without deviating from it, with mercy and wisdom leading their decisions. Demonstrated aptitude for a projects gets precedent, equal access to the training needed. Providing full unadulterated access to education for those who want to learn and the ability to act if they know what to do. A best practice is to exclude yourself from being involved in decisions you know you will not act right when making, even for your own kin.

A leader should be ready to put their hands in the soil to complete projects assigned to the people they lead, no matter how insignificant the work is.

In conflict resolution, a leader should know that the best place to begin is with prayer for guidance. To listen and not interject often and to allow each side to speak and listen, as long as there is calm. Taking time to let things simmer when calm goes out the window. Then to decide deliberately if the two sides cannot come to an equitable solution. Not falling victim to an ideological outcome to the right or the left. As leaders, your actions weigh much more than your orders. That is what people see and what they hear will not matter beyond the initial high. A callous or careless decision will make your community unhappy and unyielding in time, but careful actions will allow a leader to hold the community’s hearts. The spoils of war for choosing favorites, being callous, or being deliberately careless are often not as intended or expected and may end in a fall of no recovery.

Even in the modern world, truth is central to leadership. Regardless of what you feel as a leader, telling the truth, in part, or in full, will build trust from their community. This will lead to honest leadership from among the community and accountability will be much easier to manage. Such is leadership. Full understanding or active guidance that moves pieces where they fit best. Though not everyone will like it, each member will understand when there is a need to change direction and members of a project.

Although it may appear that leadership styles and roles have changed with the times; basics are always best places to begin. God being the beginning and the end of it. Fancy terms do not alter the need for or good actions from a leader or what they mean to the community, or the impact of leadership styles. The expectations and impressions are the same. Though perceptions and expectations have been “adjusted” – ish, the gears of leadership and its impact on communities remain and are felt by each member.

Who has wisdom and who seeks to understand? Who can be a leader? Every single person within a community, within the spectrum of a project, within your various assemblies and even your families have the ability to be leaders; of themselves or everyone who will listen. Leave ego alone because it is a false impression. Point pride toward the orator of leadership because it lies when pointed at yourself. The act of being prejudice is destructive to your community because it robs your community of equity and talent. Now might be a great time to re-evaluate your leadership style and those in your community (close to you friends, family, what you have control over {you})

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