Beat of Life

There are days I get up thinking I want to dance. Then I remember I need to make a set of drums so I can beat on it to dance.

I know there’s the saying “don’t reinvent the wheel”, but, doing things on routine because it’s available doesn’t improve the process.

Routines are awesome concepts because the repetitive nature of routines makes a person so proficient it is impossible that they will not understand the process after a while; that applies to much.

But every now and again you have to be willing to be falter, flail and look like an idiot so that you can improve on or discover something completely new about your routine.

Do I fall in line? Do I get in a lane? Sure!!! There are great orators of processes and thinking that have created some great routines. But when I get bored there’s a problem. I fall off and create drums to beat. I look like an idiot most times and it sucks when people laugh, but, the end result is usually I’ve done something completely new.

Our objective is to create life, not just to live it. Not just to repeat it. Sometimes, the drum beat says “do nothing at all for as long as nothing is necessary”. This, after it is over, you will realize is so you can see past the pains and doubts you once held as a human. Develop a mind that can accept this fact. Time is irrelevant to some processes you must go through in order to grow.

Ready to make a drum? That’s coming soon.

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