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A periodically updated frequently asked question

Did you spell spirit seed wrong?

No. Spiritseid is a variation of spirit seed. This word can be spelled spirit seid, spirit seed, spiritseed or any variation like it that says, seed of the Spirit. In this case the seed of the holy spirit – Spiritseid. Since spiritseed dot com was taken it was and spiritseid was available I took the name. It is unique and says what it needs to. In the interim the hope is to produce work worthy of being of the holy spirit.

How can I be baptized?

If you believe in the free grace God has given through Jesus; you should be immersed in water at the time of your baptism.

Where can I be baptized?

Any body of water where you can be immersed in the water in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Who can baptize me?

As far as I am aware of this writing; anyone who has been baptized and is willing to baptise you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Why can’t I find the membership space?

There is currently no membership space on Spiritseid, although if the demand rises one will be added. For now you can join our mailing list and read motivational content for free every time a new blog post is put up.

Is there a podcast? I listen better than I read.

One is in the works.

Is anyone who writes for Spiritseid certified in any psychological field?

The short answer is no. Spiritseid is not a replacement for specialized psych services and we make no recommendations.

Would you support our cause?

Probably not! I support individuals and their lives and their effort to live good lives. Would I ever write in support of specific causes; God’s cause.

Are your articles original?

Yes and no. To my knowledge everything written on Spiritseid will have been written for this specific publication. However, content created or curated on Spiritseid relies on the books of the Bible and other sources of inspiration in an effort to relay the full message. So, yes, the articles are written fresh and any similarities to other articles or words you may find are creative coincidences. But the inspiration comes from God and his creation, so we borrow from the original creator to share a testimony.

Are you offering professional solutions or coaching?

No! Nothing is certified by any board of anything. If Jesus so certifies the works you find here that is good enough for me. If you enjoy what you read or the articles of Spiritseid inspires you to live a good life or helps with your anxious moments, objective reached.

What nice pictures you have? – – – a few originals from me – there is a good mix of free and paid images on Spiritseid from any of the listed sources, including the author(s), which will include graphics and other created content. If you see an image that belongs to you and would like full credit and a link please hit the contact button.

What if I don’t agree with your site?

You can send me a rant from the contact page or comment on a article stating your grievance and let me know if you will allow me to share your response to anything you see. If you can discuss peacefully then I or the writer will oblige, if not please feel free to exit the page using the red X located top right of your browser.

Do you do guest posts?


Do you allow guest posts?


Do you offer backlinking?

As long as you agree with our content and are willing to link back here. Yes!

Is there a fee for reading Spiritseid,com?


Do you sell ad-space?

It was a thought but given the nature of business today and the time it takes to investigate some companies and what they offer; I am thinking no.

Does Spiritseid offer any services?

No. Kevin Allen and any writer will accept speaking engagements, speech writing, or other writing projects that are positive in nature and reflect the work of God.

Does the advice in your columns work for people with PTSD?

Prayer, faith, and belief in Jesus works for just about everything I can think of. As the original would say, “let it be done for you as you believe”. I can tell you it does, but it is not a quick fix, it is work and trust. But if a centurion who just happened to hear about him could get his servant healed by believing him, so can someone with pain and trauma. All is takes is one step and trust.

What do you know about anxiety disorders or depression?

I struggled with both. I coped with both. I nearly gave up because of both on multiple occasions. But the articles on Spiritseid are not meant to take the place of your professional service provider. Just highlight your way out should you choose to accept him.

What makes this site so different?

I and any guest posters will share from our experiences and from scripture or inspiration when we write new blog posts. The difference is in presentation, content, and reading.

Are you a new church?

No! I simply share the word of God because Jesus has influenced my life for a long time and I have grown to love the Lord because of everything he’s done for me and rescued me from.