the undoing of doubt and fear

The Undoing of Doubt and Fear

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Sown in the middle of the day

Sometimes it strikes during the night

But it’s when someone speaks of the decay

We see just how dreadful the story really is

But the sower of that seed wants your life

To use it to embed the same within another mind

But doubt has an useful purpose

Sow love where doubt arises

Look to better principles even while doubting

Speak a kind word where fear tries to push its way in

And realize the lies you’re really being fed

But if you accept that seed and strike out till there’s blood

It will surely sweep you into a mood

That seed will grow and grow and grow

Until you become powerful and unstable

Sown at all times is the seed of love and mercy

You must be willing to stop and look up at the trees

That sprout from them watered by a hidden Spirit

The gardener who lovingly continues to tend them

They lead you to better blood

The blood that frees you from the chains clinked by doubt

That even in fear gives you unbridled hope

A heart to forgive the things doubt and fear do show

This seed is sown by the sower of life

Sown freely and generously for all our life

Even in doubt and through the depths of fear

This seed, like a river continues to make our way clear

Find it and even with the dreaded attack of fear and doubt

You will always, always remember the way out

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