A heart of Gratitude

A Heart of Gratitude: A prayer

Thankful, has become my go-to feeling lately. Not only my life, but in general, I am thankful that I have a life to be thankful for, a life I know is secure in the Lord. A life that doesn’t end the day I fall asleep; my gratitude is to Jesus for being willing to obey his Father so that I could live. I live with an enormous feeling of gratitude each morning I wake, thankful to be able to experience this life under the power of the Spirit and under God’s grace. I am thankful that I lived to see that everything I desire since the day I realized these, should hinge on being tethered to heaven.

The day I searched the question; “what will it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul”, was the day I began understanding why the older folk were so afraid of hoarding wealth and older pastors preached against cash hoarding (ie getting rich). “We come into the world naked and will take nothing when we leave it”, is another trustworthy saying, and still we don’t know who will do what with what we gather. I’m thankful to have had the time to search this text and understand it. In the understanding I feel greater accomplishment than anything else I had ever done.

My gratitude is also about things and opportunities I’ve lost. Can you imagine bringing venture-baggage and keeping them tied around your neck? Worrying over things you lost? Waste of time. Instead, I realize God moved them aside because I didn’t realize what I was being given and it would have become a burden later, or those things would have held me back from maturing in faith and Spirit. So I am also grateful for everything I have lost or gave up as I am grateful for the growth of faith in the simplified living I have gained in place of those things. In this simplified living, I realized what I nearly gave up when God answered and showed me the breadth of his grace.

I am grateful for the chance to know a God that doesn’t give up on His children. A son who was obedient unto death for the brothers his Father would give him, and a life that does not end in eternal sleeping. And I am thankful for all of this, because out of Jesus’ abundant grace replaced my anxious heart with a heart of gratitude and faith. I am thankful for the Amen, and the promise of glorifying Him for giving me so many things I’m unworthy of, in the assembly.

May we forever share in a heart of gratitude. May we share in yours, too.

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