The Story of You

Light your way with words or action. Sing your song. Play the muse. Become the leading man or woman in your own little world. One reality will always be true no matter what you choose to do. No one can write your story but you. So, tune out the external sounds and remember that God already wrote the scene for you. But no one else can write the life you want to add to the scenery. So write, because you are the author of your story. And at the end, you will own the true story of you.

There will always be a thousand voices that try to tell you how you will fail, what you will do, how you should be – they don’t matter because you own all of the consequences. You set the tone. You decide yea or nay. Sit with your God and enjoy His peace, enjoy the beauty of his created masterpiece. Then when you can see it right through, write a beautiful story all about you.

In the end, that is life’s meaning.

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