Have you read the book yet?

Unlocking Your success Gene is a powerful little tool. Have you had the opportunity to view this simple explanation of life yet? Available in Paperback and Ebook format, this little black book opens a myriad of possibilities for the one who opens and stalks its pages. The one thing that is sure is that you will walk away from this reading with a clear and present mind, renewed for the struggles of life. That was the aim of UYSG when it was written.

Success often plays folly to failure for some reason. Why I don’t know. Success seem to be the child of failure. Someone says that to succeed you have to fail. I question this logic. Is there really failure in learning to succeed?

Questions often lead to great revelations when followed up with critical thinking. Consider Albert Einstein and his Theories of relativity and Energy. If he had bowed out to those who called him insane for this thought on energy and the laws that governed them then these days we would still be wondering what if. But he stayed the course and endured the sharp tongues of other scientists. These days the world of physics looks to Einstein as a father figure because of his apparent discovery.

We must be mindful to stay the course in our own lives. Apparent failures are not failures at all, but a way for us to condition our minds to enure what it is we need to do. The only failure is that of turning away from what you set out to do and never accomplishing it. Go Read Unlocking your Success Gene today and let’s talk about the successes you see in your own lives after.


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