10 Steps to Seeding Your Mind With Positivity

10 Steps to Seeding Your Mind With Positivity

Good things happen to good people. Good things happen when good people focus on good things without worrying about anything but good things. Weighed down with life’s problems, we may not believe that we have this option. As a former broken thing, I thought so once. Once I started letting go and doing and asking the right questions I was led to the right actions and the correct path, which allows me to say that I am an expert at achieving a positive mind, near clear of the negative echoes that try to drive us to continue calling ourselves broken.

The positivist in me says that is absolute. We know that God works for the people who believe in him and is willing to do magnificent things for them, just for the sake of his love. We know that when we approach God with a positive mind, believing he will, he has already said yes. Just so, people can go from humble beginnings to being extravagantly rewarded for their efforts just by having a positive attitude about the outcome they have in their minds. For me, I know that God happily says, “Go! And you will certainly have success in this.”

Time spent being pessimistic is time lost wondering about things we could be doing right now, I can assure you of that with certainty. One of the more important factors in life and succeeding at anything is to know the direction one is heading in. Once we get to the point that we know where we’re going, outside influences and inner doubt take a backseat, and then un-ceremonially given the boot by the new spirit of trust we develop in getting to our desired destination or states of mind. This is the point I started appreciating the words, seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

It’s not easy. It will seem especially impossible if your life or mind is clouded by the sequences of drama that tend to follow people clouded in negativism, even while they believe they’re doing their best. The hardest part will be accepting that you are the one who ‘creates’ the ‘environment’ that leads to the drama in your life. Your beliefs drives your reactions. You can also de-clutter your life by removing anything from it that does not fit the direction you wish to go. Almost anything. If you have been a victim it will require you to stop being a victim and toss the pain your stress has handed you away. But… you will have to realize that it doesn’t matter what’s been done to you and give up your claim to victim-hood; what matters is, you survived, and now you have the opportunity to bind the scars so you can be free to empower others when the debilitating effects of your freefall are gone.

Step 1

Establish your freedom: For me, it involved asking God to set me free from my demons, several notebooks, music (only positive), ‘becoming the circle I wanted in my life’, and constant prayer. In my notebook, I began to write notes affirming what I wanted to be and how I saw myself, in essence reprogramming my subconscious to think about me how I wanted it to see me. God got involved. I became. It is good when you can simplify life as what it is supposed to be; about you. When life becomes about you, you realize you can share parts of you, you believe will benefit those who receive it.

Have a specific amount of time in mind, a timer if necessary to draw you back to reality.

One thing that allows you to focus enough to create a verbal or visual image of what you want you – your days to look like and how they flow, is your version of my “notebook”. It is critical that your visual tool is not a television, no literary book, not a piece of interconnected technology (ie cell phone, pyuter, radio, other), negative people, or even Ted-talks because this is you remaking what you want you to be; plus a spot free of distractions and affords you quality alone time – half hour or more to begin and adjust as needed (max at two hours per day). You sit and you recreate your mind in this place and allow your mind to touch creation, allow your mind to touch the person you see hiding in the shadows of your mind. Create a source of light that what you see is comfortable in.

The effort can get detailed, but creativity allows you to be who you are because Christ set you free. It will be critical to contain the burst of energy you get from this as your body begins to create feel good chemicals above the levels it is used to.

Step 2

This will sound a lot easier than it is; accept your visualized fantasy of yourself – The powerful, the brave, the bold, whatever you see, and isolate you in that visual life. Each time you get to retreat to your spot with your visual tool isolate there and live there in that reality for a specific amount of time that you choose that day. There, continue to reform how you think and what you want to do. Each day, set the fantasy aside and try to apply what you want to your life, thoughts first. Takes practice and paying attention to your thoughts and actions during the day.

Most people believe it takes a visual person to be able to do this. The visual tool you chose is what will create the visualization, even if you don’t believe you can. It takes a few tries but is a freedom you will enjoy. Use your chosen visual tool to take control of your fantasy life until you can do it yourself, staying there only within your allotted time. It is important to stick to the time limit your set each time you enter your visual world. There, be who you want. Then come back to your regular life when your time is up and apply anything you learn. Test it out no matter how awkward; straight shoulders, proud look, sneer, whatever you yourself as, see try it in real life.

Remember; specific time. Stay within your world. Act how you feel you’re supposed to and see the things you want. Accomplish things in your visual world each time, like you want and start over whenever you want.

Step 3

Choose a chore(s) and a specific day(s) of the week to do your chore. I chose cleaning & exercise because of the mental and physical benefits. I bought some free-weights & actual cleaning stuff. I stick to a specific strength regiment and other exercises. And I cleaned on a specific day; once every few weeks I reward myself by letting the dishes stay overnight – but I do not skip cleaning, even if I only do one tiny spot.


But I chose cleaning because I believed, and proved that this activity enhances the visual effects because of the mental boost from cleaning. What happens is your mind sees itself cleaning up as well. It begins a process ahead of time that makes that process easier, as you will read. You may only realize the benefit of cleaning as a chore when you no longer have to force yourself to do it.

Your chore doesn’t have to be super-involved. Anything you choose that makes you physically work. The point of choosing a chore is to take your mind and body from the point of feeling overwhelmed to taking action; re-coding your muscle memory in the process. Doing the chore consistently over time will aid you in overcoming your body’s shutdown modes. Other things in your life will also begin to fall into perspective and you will start doing. Your muscles will feel freer in time and more energized as they get used to defying lethargy and other feelings that kept you from living your positive life.

It will be extremely important to contain your impulses and bursts of energy; contain, control, focus, and use the energy to do the things you want to do. Spend time with family or friends or doing the things you want to do. There are various muscles that need to be retrained for specific reasons that will become clear as you heal and mature into your new positive mindset.

Step 4

Step 4 is a daily walk of setting aside your visual fantasy to test it out in your everyday life, with full control for each interaction. Whether any of this is work related, friends, family, worship, going out, you use it. You will feel clunky and awkward at first and you may freeze up and don’t know what to do, but it gets easier. It’s like a baby learning to walk. The more confidence you have exploring your new thoughts and visual life, the more you will want of it. Be willing to adjust anything hat doesn’t feel right.

An important part of step four, though, is often as you remember, bring to mind the things you want to do and focus on the steps, the details of the steps. Doesn’t matter how long before you get distracted by life. See it step by step. Get closer and closer to doing it. But learn the steps you see in your mind in little bits.

Step 5

Practice slowing down your life and responses. People will want to rush you sometimes. But, if you develop a methodically slow way of answering questions or requests, it gives you time to process during stressful times. It is annoying to most people because they want answers now, so you will want to learn to ignore the demands for a ‘now’ answer. Focus on breathing and then bringing your visual world to mind; answer in them in the context you see.

What this does is reinforce your control of your answers. In time it will give you the feeling that it is your right to answer the way you want. The decisions that come from this will also be the ones that give you options and contingencies. And the determination to leave any conversation or situation that seem rushed. If you feel the need to give an answer, the best one is that the conversation didn’t have anything to do with you.

Step 7

Can begin at any point during this exercise and should be constant. Keep your mind on the things you want as much as you can and develop a sense of humility. Even if the things you want are out of reach keep your mind on it. Keep repeating each of these until you start seeing the step by step actions; insignificant as they may be, to getting to where you want and take them small step at a time. At this point you should be willing to cut out anything that doesn’t fit into your vision.

Step 8

Start taking on all of your responsibilities one by one until you’re running them all like a champ. At this point, even if you have to get a notebook and write it all down, along with dates and the actions you need. Do it. You only need to do one at a time. And you will only need to do one at a time. One by one, start working on steps to address everything, one at a time, in pieces if you need to break them up in order to handle them at first.

Step 9

De-clutter – you’ll get here. Nothing will be as important or urgent as they once seemed. This is what I call the breakout stage. Whatever doesn’t make sense in your life (except your kids & legal requirements – ish), remove it or set it on the backburner. You will realize while working on letting them loose that during your freefall, you picked them up as crutches and held on to them too long or allowed them to feed your negative demon. If they’re in the way; bye to that! Next!

Step 10

Breath. See your life. See your plan. Live your life. Combine any step you need to combine and go back to doing any of these that help you along the way. You have never been helpless and you were not meant for failure. Admit that you are worth the life you have and you are worth the life you want to have. That is why God gave us life.

Say good things happen to good people. You are one of those people. God gave you life to live just like everyone else. The right to every benefit you want and the ability to make an effort and take anything your heart desires. Now that you know, tell yourself what you plan to do about it. I’d dump cluttered & negative because they don’t belong to you. Good days ahead. The Lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you, and give you peace.

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